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OCTOBER 9, 2016



They're at it again.  Trump and Clinton go at each other for the second time  in a town hall setting with ABC's Martha Raditz  and CNN's Anderson Cooper as co- moderators.  Two weeks ago over 84 million watched and then listened to spin from both candidates.  With football and baseball as competition, don't expect as large an audience for this one.

Alec and Kate
If you haven't seen the first two shows of this season's  Saturday Night Live, you are missing their most creative one in a long while.  Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impersonation  is spot on, and Emmy Award winner Kate McKinnon's Hillary is as good as ever.   Add Larry David again as Bernie Sanders and you will laugh through opening sketch as well as most of the program.

Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin-Manuel Miranda,  creator of the smash hit Hamilton was  guest host the 8th.  For those of you who read Jim Knows Sarasota on Saturday, then you can catch him live at 11:30.  There is always ON DEMAND or YouTube if you read this Sunday or later in the week.

Tomorrow (10/10) is COLUMBUS DAY.  A perfect time to hunt for sales at most major retailers.  In fact, some are extending their sales through next weekend.  Still  another excuse to start CHRISTMAS shopping early; as most stores, along with their HALLOWEEN merchandise,  have already started to display decorations and other items for CHRISTMAS. 

Not be outdone by its many competitors, MOZAIC, one of Sarasota's better restaurants, is also offering an October menu hard to beat.  Known for its Mediterranean style food, you now can take advantage of several amazing October specials. 
Click her for a $15 coupon.

Tuesday night is Far East Night!  Asian specialties along with sake cocktails for $6.  Wednesday is Paella Night!  And Thursday is designated Steakhouse Night! Angus Filet Mignon or NY Strip $29.  And as a bonus 25% off all bottles of red wine!

We have had several outstanding meals at this Main Street eating establishment over the years and recommend you give it a try.  Great for special occasions or a quiet evening of dining.   Located at 1377 right in the heart of downtown Sarasota.

Since 2004, The Perlman Music Program/Suncoast has been a winter fixture in Sarasota. Growing from a month long  program, it now occupies venues well beyond that.  In fact, this week is the first event of the 2016-17 season.  Under the guidance of Toby and Itzhak Perlman young talent has been discovered right here!!  This Thursday 7-8:30 alumni Brian Hong(violin), Max Tan(violin) and Nico Olarte-Hayes(cello) bring string quartet repertoire to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum.

Doors open at 7:00p, with plenty of time to purchase a glass of beer or wine and take a stroll throughout the museum.  Tickets are $15 and can be purchased that evening or click here for additional ticket information.


Good friend George Miles writes  " On Tuesday Janet and I EXPERIENCED about an hour of rehearsal for THE WIZ.  We have seen every WBTT performance over the past 6 years and this could be BEST OF ALL...GREAT MUSIC...FABULOUS CHOREOGRAPHY...TERRIFIC STAGING...WONDERFUL YOUNG PERFORMERS."

What George did not write was the vote result of my request to join  his ROMEO group on a future Tuesday.  Am I in or out?   My ROMEO group had our first and last LILA experience.  More on both  next week.

JIM'S RANT...Kudos to Governor Rick Scott for seizing the moment and declaring a state of emergency ahead of hurricane Matthew.  Taking charge of situations has not been one of his strong suits, but he seized the moment and saved lives by doing so. Also President Obama for acting quickly with FEMA assistance. Thankfully,   Sarasota was spared Matthew's wrath. Here's what it looked like at another part of the state.

Due to technical issues, some of you were not able to open last week's blog.  This has been resolved and if interested, scroll down for what you missed last week.

As usual, Roberta had a few things to say about this week's blog; most of them not to be repeated in public.  And she too had her umbrella out this week.  Until next week......have a good one...JIM

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