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OCTOBER 23, 2016




I saw this show at the Van Wezel a few years ago, and it was a knock-out.  I can't imagine how much more entertaining it will be at the Gompertz Theatre when it opens FST's 2016-2017 Winter Season.  Winner of a Tony Award when it was on Broadway several years ago, the musical was inspired by a true story of the famed recording session where icons Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley came together for one unforgettable night.

Songs from our youth such as Blue Suede Shoes, Folsom Prison Blues and Great Balls of Fire are just a few in this nearly two hour songfest.  Call 941-366-9000 for tickets.  There is no better theater value in all of Sarasota.

Veronica is a spectacular looking restaurant
If you are a weekly reader of this blog then you will remember our review of Veronica when it opened at least a month ago.  Truthfully, I've never been there, but several of you have.

Initially,  comments were negative, but now comes a very positive review, that given a few weeks to work the kinks out this is one extraordinary restaurant.

Marlene Meyer, a foodie herself, writes: " We had a great dinner at Veronica last night.  Sat at table near front door, and though noisy, we could easily talk among the din. Our waitress was well trained and helpful with menu items.  Gary had Whole Snapper Thai Fish while I had Grilled Oysters served with delicious french fries.  All served hot and fast.  Though bar was packed with people waiting for a table, we never felt rushed, and will definitely go back again." 

Here's still another restaurant addition to the UTC area.  It has been confirmed, Tampa-St.Pete favorite for Greek food, is opening its first Sarasota location next door to JPAN.  Not even under construction, there is no telling when it will open, but the space is more than ready for occupancy.

Speaking of JPAN, hats off to Daniel Dokko and his exceptional staff for creating a fine addition to the restaurants in and around UTC.  Had dinner there the other night with several other friends and we all walked away stuffed and well satisfied with our meal.

  If going for dinner, I suggest reservations, as this time of year the place will be packed.  Call 941-928-0824 for reservations either here or Paradise Plaza.

"Welcome back Bridge Players."  So says Michelle Golden, owner and operator  of In-Between Bridge Club, 501 N. Beneva Rd. Unit 612 in Courtyard near Fruitville.  With games Monday-Saturday beginning at 1pm now is the time to reserve your space for the next several months.  You can call 941-365-7875 for reservations.  In addition to the regular games there are Lessons and Workshops.  Easybridge 1 is on Thursday mornings from 9-11:30 and Easybridge 2 Saturday mornings, same time.  Easybridge Workshops are Monday from 7-9 pm. To view lesson and game schedule click here.

Scene from last year's Sarasota Walk
Mark your calendar and join in the 27th annual WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S, this year at easy to access and walk Nathan Benderson Park.  Beginning in 1989 with only a handful of walkers at one location, the walk has grown into  several walks not only in Sarasota, but throughout the country.  Thousands of walkers and millions of dollars are  raised for the care and treatment of people afflicted with this disease.   Sarasota's Walk is Saturday November 12.  Registration begins at 8 with the walk starting at 9.  

Florida is now the state with the third largest total of patients and as our population ages so does the threat of Alzheimer's striking a friend or someone in your family.  To learn more about the alzheimer association and to register for this event click here. Join your friends for a fun walk and help create awareness of a national epidemic.

There is no charge to register, but sponsorships and contributions are encouraged and welcome.

Good reviews for this 2015 film
Opening night film
True story of poet Pablo Neruda
Tickets for 2016 CINE-WORLD Film Festival are now on sale at Burns Court Cinemas box office or on-line by clicking here. You can also get information on the movies scheduled here as well.
Above are three movies that look outstanding.  All received excellent reviews from several critics as well as high Rotten Tomatoes scores.  I will dig deeper next week.

Letters....I Get Letters....I am gratified at the number of you who read Jim Knows Sarasota and respond with email either agreeing, disagreeing or in one case this week, unsubscribing.  I won't identify the person,  but this is the gist of his double whammy: "Your opinions suck-you come off as a fat old man-bury your head in the sand and suck it until you choke"; "You represent what is wrong with Sarasota-an old fart-good by(his spelling), good riddance(again his spelling)".  So sorry to see him go!!!

JIM'S RANT.....For those of you living in a cave and have not heard about Hamilton, the Broadway musical breaking box office records, and now in Chicago, you are in for a treat.  PBS is featuring a 90 minute special on the making of the show.  It is available on demand....don't miss it....

Happy Birthday, Jason.  Don't go wild on Blue Moon Thursday!!!

Thanks again for reading.  What an exciting way to end the week.....JIM

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