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OCTOBER 16, 2016

Congratulations Chicago Cubs


Your hunt is on for a FLORIDA delicacy.  You can find them all over the place, and as you would expect, prices are pretty high as we begin to consume this 7 month item.  Depending on the catch as we go forward, prices  tend to moderate.  Check with your favorite provider and dig in.

Last week, my ROMEO Tuesday group tried a new and very popular new  restaurant LILA 1576 Main St.  Along with a  tastefully appointed dining room complete with counter seating and  claims of  "Purely Inspired Cuisine",  they deliver what they promise; however no one in my group was happy with their meal.  Truthfully, it is a restaurant designed for  those who favor Organic and Vegetable entrees along with salads, soup, and small plates.  There is a Sarasota market for LILA....females of all ages and younger men who now eat this way.

This week our group had lunch at one of Sarasota's favorite  breakfast and lunch spots, TOASTED MANGO.  I've been there several times and indulged on their delicious omelette platters. 

Had never tried one of their HUGE salads until this trip.  Served  in a saucer looking dish my chef salad came chopped (by request) with all turkey, and numerous vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.  I added feta cheese as well.  One of the BEST salads in Sarasota, and reasonably priced.  Located 430 Tamiami Trail and open 7am-3pm daily. Also open and thriving in their second location 6621 Midnight Pass Rd. Siesta Key.

Romeo group 1/2014 George has Cap!
While on subject of ROMEO, I am sure you are now aware of the George Miles group which also meets on Tuesday.  George, if I can believe him, has attempted to get me an invitation to join them for a one- time eat and greet. 

 Their recent vote went against me, with only George voting YES.  Even fellow Chicagoan, Booker Rice, who is celebrating his birthday today, is my age, went to Phillips High School,  competed against Senn High (my school) and is rooting for the CUBS, voted NO!

Are you looking for a totally different dining experience??  The University of South Florida is training students in the art of dining and hospitality at its Culinary Innovation Lab on Main St. in Lakewood Ranch.
 Here students cook specialized meals pairing them with craft beers or red and white wine.  Their first event in September featured Spanish-inspired tapas dishes and was a sell out.  A very limited number of tickets are available for their next three events, Oct. 27, Nov. 3 and 27.  Tickets are $20 per person and includes drink and food. To purchase your ticket NOW you can click here. Only a limited number remain! 

An event featuring International and National competitors is coming to Sarasota October 21-23.  Nathan Benderson Park is host to the Modern Biathle/Triathle Championship. More than 800 athletes from 40 nations will be participating in the events which range from run-swim-run to a shoot-swim-run-format.  Expected to compete are the defending champions, recent Olympians, and the world record holder of the Swim competition, the University Of Florida's Logan Storie. 

Mark your calendar!!!  The 27th annual CINE-WORLD dates are 11/4-13.  Schedule of movies has not been announced, but when it is, I will have my picks for best of show. 

Top grossing,  Girl On A Train is a must see.  If you read the book you'll be able to follow this twisted tale of love and murder.  If not, I suggest a synopsis.  Emily Blunt is terrific in a role propelling her to the group of Hollywood's best actresses.

Saw The Accountant Saturday afternoon.  What a waste of time and money!!!! A definite NOT SEE!!!

And if you haven't lost your taste for the Presidential race and debate, there's one final chance.  Wednesday at 9 on most news and Network channels, the third and final debate takes place.  I don't know about you, but I'll be happy November 8 when we know our new President, can stop watching their horrible negative advertising and get into some good old-fashioned CHRISTMAS advertising....YIKES!!!!!

JIM'S RANT....Two Sunday's ago, on the eve of the Jewish New Year,  Sarasota Herald Tribune printed a letter to the editor that smacked of anti-semitism. It's main thrust was the United States was wasting money supporting Israel and could use the money better elsewhere in the Middle East.  It took almost two weeks for them to publish a rebuttal.  How insensitive and ill-advised.

  Until next week, thanks for reading...JIM..OOPS!!!  Almost forgot to wish Adam Finkelstein a happy 20th birthday.

Going to party tonight!!!


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