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OCTOBER 25,2015


Shortly after the costume is put away, you can turn your attention to Thanksgiving and Christmas...As this is issued, the lights are already being installed at UTC!!!

Tickets are now available for this year's CINE-WORLD Film Festival taking place most days at Burns Court Cinema with a few scheduled for Lakewood Ranch Cinema. Since most of the films are Foreign and have received little or no play here; or ever will for that matter, I am going from gut when recommending them to you. 

I base the choices on days and times scheduled, since CINE-WORLD attempts to put their top picks in prime time.  

Men&Chicken... 11/6 7:00pm
Youth....11/6 7:30pm
Mustang...11/7 7:30pm
Marshland....11/8 4:30pm
How He Fell In Love...11/9 2:00pm
The Automatic Hate..11/11 7:30pm
My Name Is Emily...11/13 7:30pm
Lady In The Van..11/14 7:30pm
ElClub 11/14 7:00pm
Loreak 11/15 7:30 pm
There are many more movies scheduled throughout the Festival.  I urge you to go on line .click cineworld and then search virtual book for titles and information 

If you're looking for a good movie by all means see Bridge of Spies.  A true story brought to life by the creativity of Steven Spielberg and the wonderful acting of Tom Hanks and a supporting cast of little known actors who create a spellbinding two hour masterpiece.  Wonderful scenery, music and acting, this is the first true Academy Award potential nominee of the season. 

In the coming weeks several major releases are planned.  I will try to see them all and report back.  It sure beats the junk we are getting on television.  See Steve next week.

I paid a visit to Kona Grill the other night.  It's been a year since they were introduced to market.  In that time they have become popular; especially Happy Hour which has a great menu with reduced prices.  Quite frankly, our party was disappointed with food, service and noise level.  Since original crew, brought on board from other Kona locations has been replaced, the place has never been the same.

How many of you use a Pest Control company?  My guess is most.  And of those that do, how many are dissatisfied with their service?  Again my guess is most.  Well. no longer do you have to be concerned about unwanted guests in your home in any season.  HIRED GUN PEST CONTROL has been doing a termite inspection for years, but recently began full pest control service.  They not only leave your home pest free for months, but are efficient and within minutes of promised time.  I urge you to call 941-747-2948.  It will be one of the best calls you make.

If you are free tonight(Sunday) there are still tickets available for the SARASOTA FARMER'S MARKET party.  It will be fun and the monies raised will help keep the market growing.

Sunday November 8, marks the 5th anniversary of all faiths food bank Bowls of Hope.  As in the past, this event takes place at Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 S. Tamiami Trail 11am-2pm.  Several local restaurants are providing soups, breads, beverages and desserts.  As a take away for your contribution, you receive a porcelain bowl to serve for your own soup recipe's at home. There will be music and a short ballet performance from the Sarasota company.  Tickets are $25 if purchased now or $30 at the gate. Call 941-549-8131 or  To order tickets on line click here.

Downtown SARASOTA is home to many wonderful restaurants; especially up and down Main St.  I recently had the good fortune to visit two, one lunch the other dinner.  Both are on the same block across the street from Hollywood 20, one a sandwich shop, the other a Sushi Bar.

Main Bar, 1944 Main Street serves some of the best soups and sandwiches from a creative lunch menu.  One word of caution; the sandwiches are large and come filled with many ingredients. 

  Be sure to study the menu for several minutes before making your selection.   The soups change daily, but the chili doesn't.  Their dining room is small, but with several tables squeezed in to create a cozy atmosphere.   Most is quiet and you can enjoy your meal and conversation without screaming at each other as in most Sarasota restaurants.  For menu and daily soups click here.

A few doors west is a Sushi Bar which serves up Sarasota's BEST sushi.  UTAMARO  which comes to Main st. from  St. Armands Circle, is usually not crowded, which does not at all fit the quality of product.  I am lover of sushi rolls.  Roberta and friends like the sashimi, and they all clamor for more.  The fish is of high quality as is the service. 

Tempura and several fish dishes all cooked Japanese style are also available.  Their bento boxes include rolls, rice and main course of chicken or seafood.  There is wine and beer, no hard liquor.  But it is the sushi that draws crowds.  Open daily for lunch and dinner until 9:30.

Attention UPCC residents, your next community function is November 10 5:30pm at Brio Tuscan Grill in UTC.  Enjoy a special pre fixe dinner with neighbors.  To reserve a place at the table for a sure to be sold out event email

JIM'S RANT....For me the baseball season ended Wednesday when my beloved CUBS were swept by the always Amazing METS....Hat's off to them for four dominating games.  They deserve to be in the World Series.  I will now be able to catch up on American Horror Story, Empire, Good Wife and all the recorded shows put aside for baseball....And get ready for the HOLIDAY SEASON........

Tracy, thanks for your support during these trying times as I get over the CUBS, RAVENS, BEARS.......  
Don't blame the GOAT!!! Blame the Mets!!!!


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