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NOVEMBER 1, 2015

There is much anticipation after it was announced last week that  Sol Meyer NY Delicatessen was coming soon to downtown Sarasota.  It's location, 1473 Main Street is a few doors west of Patricks.  It will be small, including seating for only 44, but offers catering for up to 600. I curb my enthusiasm (thank you Larry David) before eating my first brisket or corn beef sandwich.  The logo and pictures on line look almost too good  to be true. The owners are an attorney and doctor which makes me especially skeptical.

What I do know is ROSEMARY, the new restaurant replacing Savory Street is about to open any day with very ambitious breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.  Breakfast and lunch will be served daily 9am-2:30pm; while dinner is Wednesday-Saturday 5pm-9pm. From regular omelets to Migas, Huevos Rancheros, waffles and more breakfast promises to be an adventure like no other here. 

Lunch and dinner will be more conventional with a wide variety of sandwiches, soups and entrees to choose from.  I drove by last Saturday and the place was crawling with painters and carpenters.  This one looks very promising.

Following last week's Donald Trump announcement making Sarasota his Florida campaign headquarters comes the appearance of Dr. Ben Carson this week at Book Store 1 on Main St in downtown Sarasota.

Appearing 12-1:30 pm this Wednesday, November 4th, Dr. Carson will be signing copies of his best selling book A More Perfect Union.  You must have purchased a book at the store for signing. At last count more than 500 have been sold with the numbers growing daily. People are being encouraged to get to the store before 11:30. Dr. Carson, leading in the latest Republican polls knows how to milk the publicity almost as well as Trump.  His book was an instant best-seller.

And if you need anymore of Trump, he hosts SNL next Saturday 11/7.  He just cannot avoid the spotlight.

Fassbender as Jobs
It was only a few weeks ago that I  touted the Steven Speilberg/ Tom Hanks movie Bridge of Spies, and put it on the list of pictures sure to be nominated for an Academy Award.  This week I saw one at least equal, if not better.  Steve Jobs.  I know the movie tanked at the box-office last week;  however, it means simply quality is hard to sell these days.

It too will be on that list along with several of its cast including Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels and Seth Rogan.  Director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aron Sorkin will also be on the list.  Based on the book, Jobs rolls along at a fast pace.  I was sorry to see it end. Friend Mickey Fine writes..."A powerful movie portraying a tough, brilliant man, almost impossible to work for, but undeniably brilliant."  She's 100% on this one.  Don't miss it.

Just saw a trailer for opening night CINE-WORLD feature...YOUTH with Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel ,Rachel Weisz and Paul Dano.  It has an 85 rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Date is next Friday 11/6 7:30PM, and the reviews I read as well as the trailer make this a must see!!

In a few weeks on Thursday, November 12th, Dynasty Dance Clubs together with the Alzheimer's Project is hosting a gala from 6-8pm at their location 2272 Main Street.  There will be refreshments, social dancing, a professional dance show and information about Alzheimer's.  Contact them at 941-955-8558 for more information.
There is room for only 70 with FREE admission so don't miss an opportunity to have fun while at the same time learn why dancing is the best tool to prevent dementia!!! 

Speaking of dancing, the Fusion Dance Company was recently renamed Sarasota Contemporary Dance.  This is their 10th year of dance performances, and though we've missed their first series there are several more coming up in future months. The next is December 3-6..Voices of Fusion at the Jane B. Cook Theatre/ FSU Center of Performing Arts.  For more information you can call 941-359-0099.   Ballet subscribers get a 10% discount.

Thanks to everyone who made HOWLING FOR HONOR A HOWLING success.  It is never too early to mark your calendar for our next big event.  PEDAL FOR PUPS along with two DOGGIE BONES RACE events that promise to be our biggest yet!!!  Mark the date March 6, 2016 Nathan Benderson Park.     

This one is for the entire family including dogs, kids of all ages, bikers, walkers, runners and those who like getting outdoors on an early spring morning.

Thank you Tracy for another job well done.  I couldn't do this without your help......JIM

JIM'S RANT.....I sincerely welcome back all snowbirds and tourists who fill our streets, restaurants, hotels, condos, movie theaters and cultural events.  Without you Sarasota would not be the wonderful place it's become.  BUT please while you are here drive sensibly and not the way you do in Minnesota, Iowa, or wherever you come from.  Stop signs mean just that.  Speed limits are established for a reason.  Here is what happens when you don't.....
On October 24 the person driving this vehicle was killed running a red light!!


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