Friday, October 9, 2015

OCTOBER 11. 2015


If you are free this weekend or Monday, there is a charming movie playing at a theater near you.  Though not getting nearly the play as Martian or Sicario, it is an enjoyable way to spend a few hours with an adult cast tackling modern issues.

I am talking about The Intern, starring  Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway along with Renee Russo and Linda Lavin who are seldom seen on screen anymore, but are quite capable of stealing every scene they are in.  If you want to wait for The Parkway Cinema it should not be too long.  Several new releases now and through the end of year will displace everything playing now.

Hard to believe HALLOWEEN is a few weeks away and then you know what follows very quickly.  So it was no surprise to get JuneLeBell's email this week announcing her 2016 Music Mondays schedule. See for yourself by clicking here. At the same time you can subscribe to her series.

Last season, moving from their Holley Hall location to the larger Church Of The Palms 3224 Bee Ridge Rd, June was able to double capacity . Season begins1/24/16 and runs through March 23rd.  Purchasing tickets now gives you an automatic 30%discount over single admission.  There is also a Venice series on Tuesday, if that is an easier location for you.  Whatever, I urge you to click above and get set to enjoy programs ranging from classical, to opera, to singers, to conductors and more.

The Global Series starts its 45th anniversary season which runs five days a week in five different locations; even an evening series in Lakewood Ranch.  Their information is also included with above website.  Topics from China to Russia along with the Middle East and the Arctic make up much of this year's program.  Speaking of which, for former subscribers, the booklet is in the mail.  Others can get their own by clicking link above.

For over 25 years and counting CAFE BACI has been serving authentic Italian cuisine.  Easy to find south on the Trail just beyond Bee Ridge, it has an inviting atmosphere, great food, and exceptional service along with a large convenient on site parking lot.   What with all the Italian restaurants open the past several years, this one could easily be overlooked.  You shouldn't. 

The food is delicious and tastes like it could have come out of your kitchen.  I am going to mention the service one more time.  Sometimes lacking due to inexperience of server or too ambitious a station, it is just the opposite here.  Try it.  Once you do, I am confident you will go back.  Open for lunch and dinner click here for hours and menus.

Cafe Baci is offering a discount with your season subscription to FST. Tickets are in the mail, and I will have further information next week.

It would be impossible for me  to go to every restaurant in Sarasota/Bradenton.  But if you have a favorite gem that is unknown to the marketplace,  please send a review to my email and I will print in a future blog

The turn about at Main and Orange is finished, and already accommodating traffic.  South Orange is open; North is not.  Main Street is now open between Lemon and Orange.  Construction continues on buildings to house Pho Kali, Melange and Dead Poet's Society.

BUT, the newest, classiest, EVIE'S with it's many TV screens and same great bar food is open and thriving. And guess what, their Bowling Alley is alive and well.  Consisting of two lanes it is a great place for parties or a night out with a group of friends.  I suggest you visit here to get the rate schedule. Shoes and balls are provided.

What with all the rain we've experienced this season many of you are in need of some power washing.  We used a company Quality Window & Pressure Cleaning, and without a doubt they are the best we've found to date.  Owned by Laszlo Farkas you can call (941) 726-6098 or email  Arriving exactly on time with two other workers, the washing and windows were finished in a little over two hours which includes setting up and shutting down.  Reasonable and professional, I highly recommend. 

JIM'S RANT....So many citizens are misinformed when it comes to progress, commerce, growth and tourism dollars.  Read the Herald Tribune letters to the editor and you'll get what I mean.  One company seems to get all the wrath.  WHY??? You tell me. Is it they're more successful and creative than their competitors?  AND, maybe the Herald will editorialize their community wide  generosity one can only hope!!!! 

                                              YOU KNOW WHO I'M ROOTING FOR!


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