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JUNE 25, 2017


I don't know how you feel, but every time I read an article about airport expansion, I wonder why our own SRQ is sitting with so few flights.  Just last week, newcomer Allegiant Air added new year-round non-stop service to four northern cities from Punta Gorda airport.  If we're supposedly the fastest growing community in Florida, why is our air service so poor?

I can remember better days of Air Tran non-stop to Baltimore and Atlanta.  For those flights you have to travel to Tampa or Ft. Myers.  Please let me know what you think.

Wherever you live in the Sarasota market, you are never that far away from Dry Dock Grill 412 Gulf of Mexico Dr. Longboat Key.  One of our best casual restaurants for soup, salad, pasta and seafood;  they are extremely busy during fall and winter months.  With summer season in full swing,  tables are readily available; especially at lunch or dinner before 6:30.  Preferred seating is available at 941-383-0120.

My Tuesday Romeo group had lunch there recently.  From oysters, to peel-shrimp, to chef salad and fried fish plate, we all remarked how well the food was prepared, and the relative speed in which it was delivered.  It also helped to have a great server.  Open lunch and dinner, I suggest you go before October. 

So many channels, and nothing really great to watch on television.  On Tuesday though, we made a nice discovery.  America's Got Talent on NBC is not only entertaining,  but featured Sarasota's Bello Nock climbing a pole.  Obviously taped weeks ago, Bello  was given 4 yes votes to continue in the competition.   Going out on a limb here, I doubt if he makes finals since he is currently appearing in The Historic Asolo through July 29. 

If you haven't seen his show the $15 ticket price is well worth it for the hour of entertainment. To purchase tickets or for schedule of performances click here.

Finished reading Al Franken: Giant Of The Senate.  Called the "best political book of the year" by many, I found it entertaining, and informative,  but way too long.  At times, I wondered if Franken wrote this to begin his campaign for the 2020 Democratic nomination, which he categorically denies.

In any event, true to his SNL roots, there is lots of comedy;  especially his views on fellow Senators.  He is particularly harsh on Ted Cruz.  When asked about this,  Cruz stated the book is "obnoxious and insulting."  Ted just can't take a joke. 

A good read; especially with so much news focusing on Washington.

Smithsonian Festival Poster
 If  you're planning on a DC trip in the next few weeks, be sure and stop by the Smithsonian Center's Folklife and Cultural Heritage Festival.  Performing will be our own Sailor Circus.  Ranging in age from 11 to 18, they will join performers from 11 other youth circuses for a once in a lifetime experience.  Last week, a sell-out crowd attended their dress rehearsal and helped raise funds for the trip.

Also appearing are members of the aforementioned Bello family as well as some of the Wallenda family.

Boats will soon speed back through the waters of Lido Beach as the 33rd annual Sarasota Power Boat Festival continues through Fireworks July 4. Tickets available for
Thursday's kick-off party at Selby Gardens.  Catered by Michael's, the price is right at $150.00 pp.
For a complete schedule of events click here.

JIM'S RANT.....We've been customers of Lucky Pelican through several owners, and though there have been hiccups over the years, we have always gone back.  NOT  ANYMORE..  When using their call-ahead system last week, we were advised it was not necessary since they weren't on wait.  Upon arriving, a wait list had started.  When shown the saved phone text, we were NOT--POLITELY  told by hostess we were out of luck!!!  The owner witnessed the exchange, but did not intervene.  Their popularity will continue long after we're gone; however with so many new and good restaurants to choose from, they will not be missed by me!!!!

Have a great week.  I'll see you as we celebrate The JULY 4 Holiday Weekend.......JIM 

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