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JUNE 11, 2017

Beginning at 8 on CBS, is Broadway's own Super Bowl;  The 71st Annual Tony Awards.  As of this writing, it is still uncertain whether Bette Midler will be joining the cast of Hello Dolly, as they perform one of the songs from her hit revival.  Even without her performance, Kevin Spacey and many others will keep you entertained for over three hours.

Mel Brooks, Norman Lear, Carl Reiner
If You're Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast is the HBO documentary about vitality.  Celebrities from
Carl Reiner to Dick Van Dyke to Mel Brooks are only a few of the 90-plus-year-old people profiled in this earnest and comical documentary about growing old and enjoying it!! 

There are so many wonderful moments in close to two hours, but none better or more touching focuses on Ida Keeling, who took up jogging to overcome grief, and ran a 100-yard dash last year-at age 100.  You can catch this On-Demand. 

Many of you have seen Burt and Me and in no uncertain terms let me know about it.  However, along with the negative have come positive comments.  I find out for myself tonight (Saturday) and will have one final comment next week.  But I couldn't resist a comment from Irv Becker who writes....."the setting was lovely and everything down hill from there...amateur hour would be a step up from this performance."

Larry Coleman and Marlene Meyer both told me if you like Bacharach's music you will be entertained. If you want to see for yourself, this one closes in a week.

Old friend and faithful reader, Pacy Oletsky writes "Most of your restaurant reviews center around what salad you ate.  I wonder what 90% of your readers who eat real food think."

This week I am going to review two restaurants in UTC, both of which I highly recommend, either now during Savor Sarasota, or anytime after.  By the way both are great for special occasions.

Cedar Plank Roasted Salmon
Seasons 52 should be a familiar name to most of you.  They have several locations around the country in addition to Sarasota.  We had birthday dinner with granddaughter Cori in their Tampa location. From the moment we gave our name for reservation, to our booth, server, bread basket, meal and dessert, we were treated like the only customers in the restaurant. We've been to the UTC location with the same experience. 

For reservations call 941-702-9652; especially if you want the quiet of a booth.

Our Capital Grille experience was similar, and we took advantage of their Savor Sarasota menu. (Only a few days left for this promotion.  I urge you to call NOW for whatever reservation time is left (941-256-3841) Like Rosemary, there was nothing skimpy about their portions, including steak and salmon.

Started with a glass of wine, followed by a wonderful bread basket, dinner of bone-in-dry-aged NY strip and salmon along with family style servings of potatoes and vegetable.  Finished with a dessert of flourless chocolate cake or creme brulee.

Pacy, do you feel better about my eating habits now???

An interesting store recently opened at UTC/Cooper Creek.  Five Below near a fading Leroy Selmon  is loaded with items $1-5.00.  Here's just a sample: greeting cards, beauty products, cell-phone covers, candy, clothes and pool toys.  The list goes on, but you get the idea.  Easier to navigate, and far brighter interior than $ Store, Five Below also frequently changes merchandise.  So if this kind of shopping is your thing, a weekly visit is not out of the ordinary.

Tonight Rosemary District's Pomona Restaurant served its last meal.  The owners are now going to concentrate on Main Street's Lila.  Rumor has it an Italian restaurant (how many of those do we need?) will be taking over their beautiful location.  Still unconfirmed, the new restaurant is People's Pizza, expanding here from Cherry Hill New Jersey.  Rosemary continues to be the district's premier restaurant.

 JIM'S RANT....There are many reasons to fall in love with Sarasota.  One is not our rainy season.  It just doesn't rain here, it pours.  Days at a time, measuring not in puddles, but inches.  What once was a drought has now become hazardous.  Please stay off the roads if you can't handle precipitation.  Too many who don't know how to navigate standing water took to the streets this week creating a nightmare for all of us.

Until next week...stay dry....JIM

The VANITY plate sweeping the country


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