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MARCH 27, 2016


To the many of you who are celebrating this day with church services, brunch and dinner may it be a festive one.  Hopefully our politicians will remember the significance of this day and tone down their rhetoric and act like ADULTS!!!

2015 April Fool Edition
Unlike the OBSERVER GROUP, this will not be an APRIL FOOL'S edition.  No one can top the creativity when it comes to their annual special issue.  Starting Thursday, you can pick up a copy at the ususal  locations in the Sarasota/Bradenton area including Publix.

Now on to the business of JIM KNOWS SARASOTA........

Many of you who read weekly have already left by car or plane to return to your permanent homes up north.  Most fly out of Tampa with travel time up to two hours if you leave from Longboat or Siesta.

Our under-used SRQ for years had service to Baltimore and Atlanta provided by Air Tran.  Gobbled up by Southwest, Atlanta was left to a few Delta flights and Baltimore was not adopted by any of the other carriers flying in and out of SARASOTA.

For weeks now Stan Rodbell, who commutes between here and Baltimore, is responsible for a petition now circulating on-line to get Southwest back, not only for Baltimore, but possibly other east coast cities as well.  If you are interested in flying in and out of SRQ and not TPA  then I urge you sign  NOW to join those who have already signed the petition to bring Southwest back to SRQ! 

If you did not read last Sunday's edition of SARASOTA's Herald Tribune, you missed an insert announcing this year's Sarasota Film Festival.  That same insert is available all over town or at their box office in the Hollywood 20 lobby 12-7pm daily.  The Festival runs over ten days beginning Friday April 1.  

  With over 174 movies to choose from, it is impossible to make my own suggestions.  So, I am relying a few of the Festival's recommendations..... Other People 4/1 opens the Festival; A New Color 4/3,4; Nari 4/9,10; The Seeker 4/3,5 Breaking Fast at Ina's 4/2,4; In the Pursuit of Sikrit 4/8,10 and closing night feature The Congressman.

In addition to the screenings there are several parties including opening and closing nights.  And Hollywood guests galore;  among them,  Sophia Loren, Olympia Dukakis, George Hamilton, Rosie Perez and Treat Williams.  Many more show up unexpectedly at screenings and parties so always be on the lookout.  For a complete schedule of films, parties, luncheons, and all the information you could ever want click here. You can even download the entire 90 page guide!!!

THE WOMAN'S EXCHANGE on 539 S. Orange is always looking for donations of jewelry, clothing, china---fine or not so fine---silver, paintings, furniture and dollar contributions. And if your furniture is too heavy to bring to them, they will send a truck to you for free pick-up.  Either on consignment, which we've done on numerous occasions or as a donation, a tax receipt is always available.   If you haven't done so, a visit might find you a treasure or an easy way to spend an hour or two if you're looking for something to do on a free day.  Open daily 9am-4pm and 10am-4pm Saturday, The Exchange is a great place to VOLUNTEER.  Call 941-955-7859. 

The Exchange supports the arts in Sarasota and Bradenton.  Among those receiving annual contributions of $25,000  are Sarasota Opera, Sarasota Symphony, FST, Perlman Music Program, Asolo, and both Sarasota and Manatee Players.

Empire, one of last year's best new programs returns to FOX this week for the remainder of their season. Before entering the summer of re-runs and limited series a few other gems remain from this season.

Two more episodes  before OJ's acquittal, Dancing With The Stars has an interesting cast this year including Marla Maples and Geraldo Rivera, and in two weeks, American Idol will be history after 10 years.
Over the years IDOL has produced several talented winners who have gone on to careers in recording,  television and theatre. Their finale is a three night swan song with the last program  April 7 featuring past winners and judges...hello Simon??

Tonight , the fourth and final season of Mr. Selfridge returns to PBS at 10pm.  If you are not a fan of Selfridge, you should be. Jeremy Piven is excellent in the title role and he is ably assisted by some very fine English and American actors.  The first three seasons are ON DEMAND, and with no commercial interruption can be easily watched before catching  the final episodes.

Next weekend marks the end to a very successful season of Masterworks.  Anu Tali's program Legends, is a musical trip to Scandinavia.  Rising star, Antti Siiarla is guest pianist.  Everywhere he's appeared  this winter he has been given rave reviews.  Tickets available for April 1 at Neel or the 2nd and 3rd at Van Wezel.  To purchase tickets on line click here. Tickets start from $30.  

Debbie Yonker suggests those of you who have not been to PATRICK'S new location on Main St. should go for lunch or dinner.  You will  come away pleasantly surprised.

Moving up Main St. brought lots of changes, but a recent visit shows they're "cooking" again as one of our best downtown restaurants.  AND their $5.00 burger is still available on Monday.

With ample sidewalk seating away from the street you can enjoy the remaining weeks of spring with what most of you like to do best....EAT OUTSIDE!! 

JIM'S RANT.....Hopefully, this past week will put to rest Herald Tribune's coverage of the Main St. Deli wars.  Enough already.  Sol's NYC Deli has been left standing, and rightfully so.  Though not perfect, at least it is making strides in the right direction.  I pledge this is the last you'll read about these restaurants here as many new additions will be getting my attention in the coming weeks......

Tracy and Jim are looking forward to our annual hiatus. We'll let you know sooner than later.  Until next week....have a great one...JIM 

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