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MARCH 13, 2016


Not only did we set our clocks ahead in anticipation of SPRINGS arrival next week , but we are also embarking on a very interesting week in this year's calendar.  

If you've been living in a cage, then you don't have a clue to Tuesday's big event.  Turn on your television or radio almost anytime of day and watch as the candidates from both parties skewer each other in the ugliest Presidential campaign I can remember.  Some of you have already voted in your Party's primary; others have not; and still others are going to sit this one out.  NO NO.  Too much at stake here....Vote Tuesday....then watch the pundits that night on many TV channels find a way to either vilify or congratulate FLORIDA.

And if turning the clocks ahead and getting to the polls on Tuesday is not enough for you, look what awaits on Thursday.  There can't be that many persons of IRISH descent living in SARASOTA, yet so most of you are planning to take advantage of the early drinking and lunch and dinner specials available that day.  Corned beef and cabbage along with lots of beer makes for a happy day for many.  If you drink too much....DON'T DRIVE....even sober this is a scary place to be on major roads.  Have fun, but don't make a FOOL of yourself....that comes in 2 weeks!!! 

Thanks to all of you who came out last Sunday to make 2016's PEDAL FOR PUPS our best attended and prosperous one ever.  We had ideal weather, though for us bikers, we would have preferred less wind. The food provided by FIRST WATCH and POLO GRILL was over the top.  And the beer never stopped flowing thanks to GOLD COAST, distributors of Budweiser.  As this goes to press I don't have final totals for bikers, runners and walkers as well as money raised.  Look for that information in a future blog.  And look below rant for the famous University Park Bike Group.
Many of you saw several "wonderful" movies at the recent JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL. It has been my experience that most if not any will make it to a theater in Sarasota.  The shame is that the Academy Award for best foreign film went to Son Of Saul, now showing at Burns Court Cinemas.  It is a drama about the Holocaust from Hungary.  It is dark, slow, and not worthy of your time let alone an Oscar.  I say that not having seen any of the other nominees, but one surely had to be better than the winner.

There is however, a play that never grows old playing now at FST/Keating Theatre.  My Name is Asher Lev, written in 1972, it  is as fresh today as it was then.  By acclaimed author Chiam Potak, the novel was a best seller, and has been adapted for stage by Aaron Posner.

Lev tells the story of an Hassidic boy growing up in post-war Brooklyn as an artist who is ridiculed by family and neighbor alike.  Defying all, including tradition, he succeeds where others fail.   Add this one to your list of things to do this month.  The play exits on March 29. 

Most of my readers are in bed before late night television shows begin following  the 11:00 pm newscast.  The battle among Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon is fierce.   Though Fallon leads,  I personally find his show the more immature of the three.  Constantly laughing and doing stupid tricks with guests is not my cup of tea.  Maybe when I was in college.....boy was that a long time ago!!!
You get much more "meat" from Kimmel and Colbert.  Recently Kimmel has added produced video to his show.  One recently, a Producers spoof of Donald Trump with Nathan Lane, Mathew Broderick and Cloris Leachman was brilliant.  And just last Monday, John Legend put lyrics to the theme song of Downton Abbey, and sang it live!!  Kimmel is ABC/ Colbert is CBS and Fallon NBC.

This season's final National Theatre Live performance is March 18 at 1 pm and 6:30 pm at The Historic Asolo inside the Ringling Museum. As You Like It written many years ago by W. Shakespeare and performed and taped a few years ago by the above company.  If you've never seen a movie production in this venue then you are in for a treat.  Quality picture and sound make this a worthwhile experience.  To order tickets for either performance click here.

JIM'S RANT.....will not surprise you this week.  I'll be so happy to see the parade of donkeys  and elephants take their circus to their next primary victim.  It's almost over as both parties seem pretty settled on their candidate for the fall, but soon after the conventions end watch for those ceaseless negative ads to rear their ugly heads again...... 

Editing by Tracy, Writing by Jim, Reading by you........JIM

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