Saturday, October 11, 2014



Tomorrow we celebrate COLUMBUS DAY.... a Federal mail bank openings..... BUT plenty of salesHALLOWEEN is a few weeks away so now is a good time to get that treat or costume....and be prepared....CHRISTMAS has already shown signs of early display......


There are several other events slated for this week, two with much anticipation and two recently announced events of local and national significance....Not in celebration of Columbus day, just a coincidence, one of my favorite casual restaurants is going FULL TIME............... MOZZARELLA FELLA, serving home made authentic Italian meals, will be open for dinner as well as lunch beginning Wednesday thru Saturday with extended hours until 9pm.

The menu you see when entering the restaurant will be available all day.  BUT daily lunch and dinner specials will be featured on their chalk board.  What a great place for before movie or after or carry out to eat dinner at home.  If eating in, they have a full wine and beer list.  Located 1688 Main Street, easy to find with lots of street parking.  For more information on menu as well as catering please click here.

NIK  WALLENDA'S next "made for television" walk is scheduled on Sunday, November 2 in Chicago across the Marina Tower buildings (left) along with the Leo Burnett Building...and all of this while the Chicago River lurks below.  AND he is planning on doing part of the walk blindfolded!!  It's scary to look out a window of those buildings let alone walk across them.

You can see Nick practice for his Chicago stunt this month at Nathan Benderson ParkIf the first day is any indication the crowds will be huge; especially with UTC opening Saturday.  His training schedule varies from evening to morning, but he is there every day but Tuesday.  I've seen him train at Benderson Park and it is quite an experience.  When finished, Nick and his entire family are available for autographs, book signings and tee shirt sales. He even poses for pictures; no purchase required.  For a schedule of practice times and to learn more about Nik click here

Ringling International Arts Festival 2014 begins Wednesday and runs through Saturday with more than 100 performer's from across the US Central and South America, the Middle East, Europe and Great Britain in a full roster of dance, jazz, comic puppetry, world music, a touch of circus, and even intergalactic space adventure.

With affordable priced performances at 2:00, 5:00, and 8:00 PM-presented in four theatres within walking distance proximity, you can park the car once (for free) and enjoy the entire day.  Lunch and dinner are available at Treviso or Banyan Cafe or at the always popular Jazz Sunsets on SARASOTA bay.  Tickets are still available for the opening night Gala featuring BOLERO SARASOTA with more than 50 area dancers in a celebratory tribute to our city.  All climaxing with a one of a kind fireworks display.

What else can possibly be happening this week?  What event has been years in the making; years in the planning; years in contention.......well of course UTC....The MALL at University Town Center.  If you don't have a ticket for the sneak peak on Thursday, forget it...the event has been sold out for weeks ...ALL.....YES ALL....proceeds will go to several worthy Sarasota/Manatee charities and venues... a great idea by theTaubman/Benderson team...We'll be there...of course, and give you a full report next week.   I for one cannot wait...I will definitely be at Cheesecake Factory before next week's blog and who knows where else.

We did get a special peak at MACY'S charity event Saturday.  WOW what a store. And DILLARD'S is a big improvement over Southgate location.   I can't wait to see the rest of them....

I have movies, books and television to reflect on, but you will have to wait a week.....

JIM'S RANT.....Everything I hear these days related to UTC is traffic, traffic, traffic....let's see how our state and local officials handle it before we pass judgement.  There have been recent bottlenecks lately due to street paving, landscaping and final construction.  There will be confusion at the onset as people find their way, but give those in charge the opportunity to fail before doing it for them....if it's bad I won't hold back...promise...

Thanks and welcome back Tracy....congratulations on 23 years of marriage today!!! Rodney is one lucky guy!
And a final congratulations to my favorite baseball team and SARASOTA'S winter residents....keeping fingers crossed for WORLD SERIES........down 2-0....does not look good...oh well only 5 months to spring training......JIM

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  1. Fabulous New tiny Restaurant on North Trail. 1/2 block north of Indian Beach Dr/MLK on West side of 41.
    Painter's Palate. Interesting beers, great salads, entrees, desserts. All 6 visits have been awesome. Moderate pricing. Restaurant related to Drunken Poet Cafe