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OCTOBER 19, 2014


The  season kicks off this week with two performances of a terrific ballet Secret Garden.  There was an advance showing of this wonderful show this summer and I can attest as a non-ballet person I totally enjoyed the performance.  Tickets are limited so act fast if you want to see it.

A few weeks back I wrote about several courses at various venues this coming season.  The Ringling College Library Association is offering a five part lecture series Transformation in Art and Design.  Open to members as well as non-members, the series delves into architecture, home, fashion, the artist and other topics.  For more information call 941-925-1343.

Here is some good news for those of us who LOVE STONE CRABS....They're back and will be available until May 15, 2015.   So before you get too caught up in the UTC festivities check with your favorite source to find availability.  Predictions are for a plentiful crop this year.  Unfortunately, we heard the same noise last year.  I'll try some in a few weeks and let you know, but if you taste first please let me know where, how much and quality. Caution:  they are pricey this year!!

If you are one of the few who have not read the book or seen the movie this is a must.  GONE GIRL is easily the fall's best new movie so far with Ben Affleck giving his best performance ever as a husband unhappily married to a conniving, evil woman played to perfection by Rosamund Pike.  The two-plus hours fly by and though I knew the ending it still was a shock when it happened.  Gone Girl has been #1 at the box-office for two weeks running.

The television season is in full swing with several new shows worthy of mention.  Though I have seen only a few, two stand out and one I can do without.  I'll start with CBS's Monday crime drama Scorpion.  Though moving through plot lines at frantic pace, I found it predictable, at times boring, and similar to the successful CSI franchise. It's ratings are due to CBS lock on Monday nights.   However, there are two shows worthy of your time.

My favorite, though not new new is American Horror Story.  In its third season the focus is on freaks similar to what we witnessed as kids at the circus.  Titled Freak Show it features a returning cast led by Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Basset among others.  Though not for everyone, this FX mini-series is different from almost anything else on television.  That the writers and creators came up with Glee as well is astonishing. American Horror Story airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm.

Maybe the best new network drama stars Octavia Davis as an attorney and college instructor in How To Get Away with Murder.  It is similar in style and pace to Scandal, though at this point better because it is fresh and different.  Davis gives Kerry Washington a run for her money as the attorney who will defend her client at all costs.  From Shanda Rhymes, Murder is part of a three hour Rhymes block on ABC Thursdays.

In-BetweenBridgeClub/ Unit 102 is hosting a charity bridge game to benefit all faiths food bank  on Sunday November 2, 2014 at 12:00 pm.

The event costs $12.50 and includes bridge and a TOO JAY'S catered lunch with choice of either Corned beef sandwich, Turkey wrap, Chicken Salad sandwich and more.  There will be door prizes, lots of Master points along with a donation to SARASOTA'S most successful food bank.  Reservations are required.  For more information please contact Merle Greenwald at 941-366-1106.  In addition to your monetary donation, you are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item. We are interested in door prizes.  Please contact me if you can provide same.

For those of us awaiting the opening of PANERA BREAD across the street from University Town Center I am happy to report a grand opening date of November 4.  Joseph Bank is already open for business in the same out parcel.

JIM'S RANT....I'm sure you're wondering where is UTC update? I've saved that for my rant.  Next week, after all the HYPE is over, I'll give you my own take on shopping, restaurants, traffic and parking. One observation from several trips over the weekend.  As of now, after all the warnings about traffic jams on I75 and University...there were none!!!!  Didn't I rant that weeks ago?  I was able to use the Cattleman Road extesnion from Fruitville and had no trouble at all!!! Traffic in and out of the mall is handled with great efficiency and detail.

UTC as it is a great addition to our  landscape.  The opening of a mall also flies in the face of more and more consumers doing their shopping on-line.  But for those of us who still like the feel of merchandise, the aroma of great food, the search for a parking space, and being around crowds, you've come to the right place.

Thanks to Tracy for her usual fine job.....JIM....And congratulations to the ORIOLES......momentum, not superior talent won out.  See you at Spring Training.

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