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MAY 14, 2017


NOTE:  To all of you who received a Jim Knows Sarasota last week, please accept my apologies.  It was an error by blog company.  No blog next week, but will publish following week 5/28...JIM

In the blog of 5/1 I wrote of fitlife foods opening on University and Honore.  Never expected to visit them so soon, but a $10 coupon, and a trip the following morning, took us to their store.

Though small in size, their product choice was ample.  Not to bore you with menu, but cut right to the chase; with WHOLE FOODS soon to open across the street, there really is no need for this place.  Even with the $10 discount, we walked out the door having spent $16.  Consider the WHOLE FOODS options from salad bar to prepared foods to soups to deli, you can easily spend $16 and get more bang for your buck!!!  We're not going back.

WARNING.....If you're planning a trip to Snatched any time soon, FORGET IT!!!  What a waste of talent.  Not one decent laugh in two hours.  I made the mistake of not trusting the reviews:WRONG.

Almost 3 years ago, one of the first restaurants I reviewed was Epicure.  I've been back several times since, but had a very good experience this past week with ROMEO group.  Tuesday was not my  first lunch at Epicure, and surely will not by my last.  Lacking was the noise that accompanies dinner most evenings, I enjoyed my meal without having to shout to whoever was sitting next to me.

This is no Sister to Mediterraneo, but a reasonably priced, casual authentic Italian trattoria in the heart of Sarasota at the corner of Main and Palm.  Using the freshest of ingredients, everything is made from scratch daily from fresh pasta, bread, desserts and gelato.  Call 941-366-5648 for reservations inside or out.

Florida Studio Theatre continues its season by offering three Mainstage and the same number of Cabaret shows beginning May 31 and running Through August 22.

The first Mainstage offering sounds too good to pass up.  Burt & Me features the music of icon, Burt Bachrach in a musical drama.  Familiar songs from Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head to I Say a Little Prayer keep you humming throughout the performance.

Cabaret's first Revue The Jersey Tenors gives us music of Frankie Valli along with Queen, ABBA, Frank, Springsteen and more.  Always creative, this one could perform as well as this season's Piano Men.  To subscribe for the season click here.  Packages start at only $34 for each venue.

There's a relatively new restaurant at 1369 Main St. Sarasota.  You'll have to walk up several stairs or ride an elevator to get there, but The Coolinary is worth it; especially if you go before 6pm, when their menu is 25% off and drinks are 2for1.  If you go later, though the menu is creative and the food outstanding, it is over-priced. 

The decor will remind you of Boca; airy, modern, noisy (even at 1/3 full), modern-bar, etc.  The food is organic, freshly made, and served in a creative manner.  I had short ribs and buffalo mozzarella salad.  I'd wait for next month's Savor Sarasota, unless you don't mind an early dinner.

If you're looking for something to do next weekend, check out the inaugural St. Armands Seafood & Music Festival.  May20-21, 11AM-8PM, there will be Arts&Crafts, live music and delicious seafood by local restaurants.  I'm sure there will be small samples, but if you really want to indulge, there will be $ involved.  It's always fun to walk these events for an hour or so; especially early before the Sarasota sun and heat take over. For a list of vendors and craft people click here

JIM'S RANT.....Am I dreaming, or didn't an overwhelming majority of us approve the sale of Medical Marijuana last November?  Yes we did; then why is our "esteemed" Florida Legislature taking so long to implement our wishes?  Yes, Sarasota is PARADISE, no doubt about it.  Our legislature, on the other hand, is a living Hell!!....... 

I am taking another week off, but will be back to kick off the summer season 5/28.  Until then watch out for those unfriendly love bugs....they're backkkkkk...JIM

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