Friday, May 15, 2015

MAY 17, 2015

A glorious summer sunrise 

You have one more week to see the current ASOLO production of LUCK BE A LADY.  The very talented cast of this show performs the music of one of our great American composers, Frank Loesser.  Surely you remember the music from TONY winner Guys and Dolls along with How to Succeed in Business and I Don't Want To Walk Without You, I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now and If I Were A Bell, among dozens of others . Though uneven at times, the cast is energetic and works hard to please. To purchase tickets and see a short video for Luck click here. 

If you have tickets for this show or the one that follows, you can begin your experience or end it with a meal at TREVISO in the Visitor Center of Ringling Museum of Art across the street from Asolo Theatre.  Closing its doors after 10 years of exceptional service, Treviso is again offering their summer dinner  special of 2 starters, 2 entrees, 2 desserts and a bottle of wine from Mezzacorona for the ridiculous price of $45 per COUPLE.  There is no better restaurant deal in SARASOTA.

This is Treviso's thank you to their many customers served these past 10 years.  They will be missed.  Officially closing on 6/24,  the restaurant will reopen sometime in July with management team of Libby's, Louies Modern and The Francis.

SARASOTA Music Festival begins next month and runs through June 20th.  Classical musicians from around the world converge here for three weeks of master classes and breathtaking performances.  Your best bet are the concerts scheduled for the Opera House where every seat is a good one and the acoustics are almost perfect for a symphonic performance.  For a complete schedule of performances click here.

Last week's sold out Arts In The Ballpark started slowly with what seemed like dull selections.  Upon further review, a faulty sound system made the first half disappointing.  With the sound system functioning correctly, the second half was exciting, entertaining and featured a performance by former American Idol runner-up and SARASOTA native Seyesha Marcado.  Her voice and presence have grown since her Idol days.  She really got into her set and finished to a rousing standing ovation.  Fireworks closed the show.  Look for this series to continue next year.

the end is tonight!!!!!
Tonight (Sunday) marks the end of one of television's best programs, when AMC closes the book on MAD MEN at 10 pm.  If you have not watched this from the beginning, AMC is continuing a marathon of episodes right up to the finale. 

In my estimation, this season has been one of the best, keeping you guessing on plot changes weekly.  I have no way of knowing if Don Draper reveals his real identity or what happens to his children when Betty dies, what I do know will be the empty feeling next Sunday when MAD MEN is gone for good!!

And on Wednesday, Late Show With David Letterman, signs off after 35 years of Stupid Pet Tricks, Top Ten Lists, and unforgettable, indelible pop moments.  This is sure to be one of the TV events of the year. 

 No final guests announced, but you can bet Jay Leno is not one of them.  One can only assume Steven Colbert, anointed to replace Dave will be one of those guests.  Tune in for many surprises and tears.  Though past his prime, Dave managed to survive late nite where many others failed.

KONA GRILL is hosting a special happy hour for University Park Country Club residents Tuesday May 19, from 5:30pm-7:00pm.  There will be food and drink specials.  After the party you are welcome to stay and have dinner for a 20% discount off the menu.  This is available for the first 30 to RSVP at 941-350-5396  or As of this writing only a few reservations remain.

UPCC resident Alan Katz at 80!!!!!
Other special dates for UPCC residents are 6/23Apollonia, 7/22 Giuseppi's, and 8/18 Carmel Cafe.  All are offering dinner specials on those dates to UPCC residents.  To R.S.V.P. see above.   

JIM'S RANT....Nothing to rant about this week.  Just saying goodbye for a few month's hiatus.  If anything of importance happens this summer there will be a special edition of JIM KNOWS SARASOTA....If not, see you late August or early September....Have a great summer. 

Tracy will be enjoying her summer through the eyes of Cori who is off to Europe.  First stop the UK where she is staying with Emma, one of her best friends from high school.....JIM
Cori's first day in UK!!!

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