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MARCH 29, 2015


To my readers of all faiths, I hope the coming days will be good ones for you and your family.  These are two special occasions, and for once we get to celebrate and pray together.

The 17th Annual SARASOTA FILM FESTIVAL kicks off April 10th and runs through the 19th.  The opening night movie stars Richard Gere, so misused in Marigold Hotel, but getting rave reviews for Time Out Of Mind.   It is a somber piece in which Gere plays
a homeless man. Music from the 1997 Bob Dylan album is featured throughout the film. Director Oren Moverman will be receiving the Hearts and Minds of Independent Award during the Festival.
 The closing movie, starring Blythe Danner, is I'll See You In My Dreams.  Director, Bret Haley will be receiving this year's Impact Award.  Both films have been picked up by Independent distribution for later this year.

Tickets are on sale now, and if past festivals are any indicator, most performances sell out.  Some of the other films announced this week are The End of The Tour starring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segal.   Now playing in New York it has a 93% Rotten Tomato score.  Another interesting Centerpiece feature is Brand: A Second Coming, a documentary about Russell Brand that received raves at film festivals this winter.

Thursday's Herald came with a complete guide.  I know they are available at Hollywood 20 or wherever you pick up the weekly Ticket.
For a complete list of films and other events scheduled around the festival click here. 

Last week I reviewed the exceptional Pops Concerts featuring Michael Cavanaugh singing Billy Joel hits as well as music from Elton John, the Who and others.  A few nights later, we were treated to a totally different performance, but one just as good, if not better than Cavanaugh's.  I am talking about six time TONY winner Audra McDonald who gave a standing ovation performance to another sellout crown .  We are fortunate to have seen her, since her anticipated return to Broadway isn't until Spring 2016.

Lucky for us, the season is still going strong at Van Wezel with some of the strongest attractions in years.  Among the several still selling tickets are Johnny Mathis, Diana Krall, Chris Botti, Boz Skaggs, Memphis and Flashdance.  Plus, one of the major events of this season, St. Petersburg L'Hermitage "Russia Ballet".  Most performances this year have sold out.  I know April winds down the season, but there are still spring breakers and vacationers enjoying our wonderful weather.  To Purchase tickets as well as check monthly calender click here.

As if we needed another fast food restaurant on the University Parkway corridor now comes Freddy's Frozen Custard @ Steak burgers.  It will surely give Culver's strong competition.  Located in the Parkway shopping center which has come alive with recent Detwiler's opening.  Freddy's is currently under construction.

Seems like we just started the season and now many major venues are  announcing next season's schedule.  One of the most anticipated shows next season will be at the ASOLO THEATER.  The Tony winning best musical WEST SIDE STORY, created by Leonard Bernstein  will be running November 13- December 27 with a few nights of previews before the opening.  This follows a long line of musical theater kick-off to the season:  South Pacific, Bonnie and Clyde, 1776 and Oklahoma.  For all Asolo information this season and next click here.

You only have a few more days to see one of SARASOTA'S spring highlights, SAILOR CIRCUS.  One of the most highly acclaimed youth circus runs through April 4th.  If you have any grand kids visiting and want an entertainment experience for them, then this is s. For performance schedule and ticket purchase click here.

Many of you own your home here and are constantly looking for credible repair companies.  We found one several years ago, and believe me, choosing ANDERSON/MODERN services for Home and Business was the best decision we could have made; other than living in SARASOTA full time.
Now known simply as MODERN SERVICES, other than name, nothing has changed.   They are reasonably priced, quick to respond, and will continue to visit until your problem is resolved.  We first started using the company for air-conditioning, but a few years ago signed a service contract for just about everything in the house.  I highly recommend them.  For more information and contact numbers please click here.  Or you can call 888.605.8466.

TELEVISION ALERT:  Tonight on PBS you can see the third season of Mr. Selfridge.  Starring Jeremy Piven in the title role, it details the creation of a department store empire in the early 1900's.  If you've missed the first two years there's always Amazon.   Entertaining, informative and commercial free!!!! 9 tonight (Sunday) through May17.

JIM'S RANT.....I am a strong believer in our system of free speech; even though now and then some wacko will abuse the privilege.  George Zimmerman is currently in the spotlight accusing President Obama for the resentment towards him from the Trayvon Martin shooting.  Making his self righteous statements even worse, our wonderful media from print to television gives him credibility by airing them.   Zimmerman stood his ground and shot Martin dead then in subsequent months was arrested several times for domestic violence, causing a disturbance, brandishing a firearm and more. Go away Mr. Zimmerman, and take the media with you.

Another week, and again thanks to Tracy whose life is complicated these days selling and buying a home.  Thankfully, she succeeded in both.....Until Next Week.......JIM
Look what Tracy found in her attic!!!

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