Friday, January 30, 2015

FEBRUARY 1, 2014

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY....Need I say more?????

Idina Manzel will be singing the National Anthem, John Legend sings America The Beautiful,  and Katy Perry along with Lenny Kravitz will be performing at halftime.  Between all the entertainment and some really  good football, the deflated balls issue will be put aside.  Two terrific teams.  Seattle, the favorite with most viewers not odds makers to beat those nasty, cheating New England Patriots.  My Prediction...New England...fueled by their  ball controversy and all the negative comments from former players and an us against the world mentality will be victorious 34-16.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR.....The second annual PEDAL FOR PUPS takes place Sunday, March 8  at 8am in Nathan Benderson Park.  Last year's event, with very little promotion; mostly word of mouth, raised over $60,000.00.  PUP'S goal is to at least double that figure this year.  

You have two ways to contribute.  Either ride or walk with or without your pups or just make a donation to Nate's Animal Rescue.  Randy and Shaun Benderson have stepped up and offered to match the first $20,000.00 raised this year.

There are several mileage categories for bikers and walkers, t shirts for all  entrants, refreshments, entertainment and a wonderful way to spend the first Sunday of Daylight Savings Time. To register as an individual or team click here. It is never too early to get started.  All money collected goes to Nate's Honor Animal Rescue.

I hope to see you there.  More information in coming blogs.  But if you want to volunteer at Nate's or make a donation then this site will be of great benefit.

Not too far from Pedal For Pups sits two sparkling new circus tents about to become alive with this year's production of CIRCUS always featuring Sarasota's own Nik Wallenda.  Instead of walking over water, canyons and skyscrapers,  Nik and his family will once again attempt the iconic Wallenda family trademark , the Seven Person Pyramid, including two former students from Sailor Circus making their professional debut.

But there is much more than Wallenda and his family.   Several circus acts from around the globe will be making their USA debut with hand balancing, juggling, acrobatics, horses and much much more.  The tents are new, seating has been imported from Italy, the location is ideal for parking, dining and shopping and you won't get better value than opening weekend when tickets are 20%off courtesy of ABC 7.  Regular prices range from $12 to $50. Tickets can be purchased here or at box office 355-9805

Performances will run from Friday February 6 through Sunday, February 22.

FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE, in the midst of its most successful season yet, has added still another show to their crowded schedule.  I'm A Stranger Here Myself  is written and performed by Internationally acclaimed and multi-award winning entertainer Mark Nadler.  Nadler takes the roles of several well know German actors, artists and musicians and becomes them.  Marlene Dietrich, Lotte Lenya and Kurt Weill are just a few.

This show is not a part of subscription series and will only be here for a limited engagement 3/17-3/29 at the Keating Theatre.  The New York times labeled this one "broadly historical and deeply personal." Tickets are available now on line here or at 366-9000. 

Opening this weekend at Hollywood 20 and Royal Palm 20, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR,  has been playing for several weeks in New York and LA.   It is now going wide, having missed out on any Academy nominations.  I can tell you first hand this is exceptional movie.  Jessica Chastain, Oscar Issac and an unrecognizable Albert Brooks all deliver great understated performances.  Nowhere near the violence the title suggests.  Just an old-fashioned good guy vs. bad guy in NY around 1981 when unions were using force to recruit members.

There were so many last minute entries into theatres last year, this one was definitely overlooked.  Go now, or wait for Parkway, but don't miss it!!  

SARASOTA is a city filled to the brim with all types of restaurants.  Many have early happy hours designed to bring you into the restaurant before the evening dining begins in earnest.  We had the fortune to return to Fleming's  recently for their 5 items for $6 until 7PM. The menu is only available in the bar.  Since the bar was full at 4:30, management was most obliging with a table within range of the bar.  Every bite was good, but especially good were the hamburgers complete with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and french fries.  At $7, easily the best for price in town.  To see for yourself click here.

February's SARASOTA Magazine lists Fleming's as one of their top 21 restaurants for 2015.  I have not compiled my own list, but I don't think it would include this one.  However; it is still a well populated steak house very crowded on the Tuesday we were there.

In the coming weeks, we'll be visiting more and letting you know the good along with the not so good.

JIM'S RANT.....With gas prices at historic lows, at least as low as I can remember, why aren't several industries reducing prices consummate with the drop in fuel costs?  When was the last time you were at Publix or your favorite grocery store?  Notice any drop in prices?  And how about booking your next flight??  Any drop there???  The consumer always gets the short end of the stick.

Enjoy the game today.  It should be a good one.  AND don't eat too much! You don't want to put on all the weight you lost in January after the holidays.   Tracy, as always you are terrific...until next week I leave you with this picture.....

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