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DECEMBER 15, 2013

Where else, but in SARASOTA, will you be able to visit downtown and find pianos on several street corners?  The City Commissioners this past week approved a pilot program to place up to six pianos on public sidewalks during the day.  Downtown businesses will sponsor and store them at night, and local artists will decorate the Spinet pianos with the public encouraged to play.  Current plans call for at least four in place before the end of the holiday season. There will be an opening night celebration.  Keep checking your blog for date.

While Downtown, I encourage you to visit the new restaurant ROAST.  Located on the corner of 1st and Pineapple adjacent to the Opera House, it has dining rooms on two floors with beautiful courtyard dining when the weather cooperates. 

An eclectic menu offers  burgers, fish, steaks, along with small plates and sides of fries, vegetables, deviled eggs, tuna tartar and more. Complimentary Valet parking is available across the street.  Open as well for lunch and Sunday brunch call 941-953-1971 or click here for view of menu and more information.

I am embarrassed to admit I had never eaten at SOUTHSIDE DELI until last Friday.  Boy,  what I've been missing! They have one of the most expansive menus this side of Naples, and ALL good, or at least what we ate.  Located on Hillview St. in an area of SARASOTA housing among others Hillview Grill, Pacific Rim, Sam Snead's and Morton's, it is easy to overlook, but not anymore.

The sandwiches can be halved, soups come in all sizes and everything is served HOT and quick.  And of course there are several salads on the menu. To complete the experience they offer homemade desserts, sixteen flavors of homemade gelato or soft serve ice cream. Open Mon-Fri until 8, Saturday until 6.  Closed on Sunday.  Breakfast is also served daily.

I recently wrote about Madison Cafe and Deli opening for dinner with a deli menu featuring brisket, stuffed cabbage and more. That is still being considered; however their policy for the next few weeks is to open for dinner with reservations only.    So, if are interested in REAL deli call SOL at  942-388-3354 and he won't disappoint.

This week, we had dinner at COLUMBIA, where the Cuban Black Bean soup and 1905 salad were as good as ever.  Sometimes taken for granted due to longevity,  you can never go wrong here especially on a warm SARASOTA evening where sitting outdoors was preferable to eating inside.

all faiths food bank sponsored a luncheon at Temple Emanu-El honoring its more than 3000 volunteers.  Quite a number for any organization, especially one in SARASOTA.  Executive Director Sandra Frank gave out several awards while Rabbi Brenner Glickman, who not only is Emanu-El's Rabbi, but works tirelessly with all faiths gave a welcoming and invocation to the group.

Catered by Paul Mattison, who is also on the board, it was a tasty lunch and showed the appreciation the food bank has for its volunteers.  The picture above is of Temple volunteers who attended the luncheon including Rabbi Elaine Glickman, Rabbi Brenner Glickman's wife and an Executive Board Member with all faiths.    If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity please call Fran Talley, volunteer coordinator at 941-375-1107 after 1/1/14!

SARASOTA'S ascendancy from small sleepy Florida city to a thriving metropolis has never been more evident than in our recent awarding of :  World Rowing Championships  at Benderson Park in 2017;  NCAA 2018 Rowing Championships,  the 2014 and 2015 YMCA National Masters Swimming championships and now selected to host Pentathlon events starting next year and leading up to OLYMPIC trials in 2017.

The Pentathlon is the oldest OLYMPIC competition consisting of fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, running and shooting.  Most of the events will be held at Benderson Park.

From time to time I am fortunate to meet and use the services of several or more of SARASOTA'S skilled practitioners   One such person is DOREEN CLYNE who is a licenced  therapeutic massage therapist.   Doreen  provides private in-home services.  She specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish Relaxation.  She also offers Sports Therapy, Reiki and Hot Stone Therapy among others.

Doreen has an MBA in Health care Administration and most recently moved here from Maui, Hawaii where she served as massage therapist at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua.  She was on an advance team helping establish the SARASOTA Ritz Carlton spa. She recently left the Ritz to form her own massage therapy business which is divided among private clients and offices of several medical professionals, complimenting their practices with specific massage therapy.

Services start at $80 for one hour, $100 for 90 minutes and $140 for two hours.  If you mention Jim Knows Sarasota you will receive a %10 discount for your first appointment.  Call 941-487-0134 and schedule one now!!!

JIM'S RANT.....Our paper must be pleased with itself for featuring their 'GRIDLOCK" article on last Sunday's front page.  We've been here 11 years and traffic on University has increased every year, but not to the extent implied in the article.  We will wait and see what happens when UTC opens before passing any more traffic judgement.  AND, if you live this way, by now you know the
short-cuts to avoid any "gridlock" on University or I75.....

As usual, Tracy did her great job of editing.  I leave you this week with a picture of the Great Bobby Hull whom I spent time with on Thanksgiving.  He is wearing the Stanley Cup ring from 1961 and the commemorative 50 year anniversary  ring from 2011.  I am wearing this year's Ring...won by his and my CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS......JIM

The cup is a small replica of the 1961 Championship Cup.



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