Saturday, August 3, 2013


And though at least 95% of my readers are not going back to school, you still have one day to take advantage of this year's Florida tax free holiday.  This is available to all who are living or visiting the state and includes clothing and footwear up to $75 as well as personal computers or related accessories for personal use up to $750.00.  There are sales EVERYWHERE....what better way to spend a HOT Sunday???

Two weeks ago, I recommended a movie that I had not seen yet; FRUITVALE STATION....having seen it last week it is a brilliant piece of movie making that once seen will leave you disturbed and angry at the plight of our young African American neighbors who continue to be targeted on this nation's streets.   This is a true story of a young man barely out of his teens who on New Year's Eve a few years ago takes the BART train in Oakland and is forced off at Fruitvale Station.  That the movie was finished before the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman altercation makes it more chilling in the viewing.  DON'T MISS IT...The Academy won't when nominations come out next year.

SARASOTA has many restaurants and more opening every day.  Over the two weeks since my last blog we've visited several.  In our estimation, JPAN remains the best for sushi and more.  With two locations it has built a strong clientele and keeps  expanding its menu, now making it at least equal  or better than any Japanese restaurant in the area.  For the first time in a few years, we visited PACIFIC RIM on Hillview.  It is essentially as we left it; though not as crowded as past years, the menu is varied and along with the sushi, is an alternative to JPAN, though not as good.  My take.

STATE STREET, located at State St and Lemon, is even better than when it first opened.  The menu is creative, the atmosphere eclectic, and it is a fun place to go especially during the week.  Noisy when full, nevertheless I highly recommend.  And good news for those of you joining us in a few months, after a hearing in a week which should approve expansion next door, they will double their seating.  They fill up early so plan accordingly.


RINGLING INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL tickets are now on sale for the FIFTH annual (wasn't the first last year?  where has time flown).  This is the last year of their association with New York's Baryshnikov Arts Center.For more Festival information click here.

SARASOTA OPERA 2013-14 single tickets are now available online only.  Box office and phone sales begin September 3.  Four classic operas along with a Youth Opera are being performed this season. For performances and pricing click here.
While strolling Main St. on the way to MEDITERRANEO (review in two weeks) we discovered a new boutique ON TREND featuring inexpensive items your children and granddaughters would be very happy with.  Owner and buyer Crystal Clarke is very knowledgeable in product and current styles.

If you are a fan of HBO'S CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, then you don't want to miss next week's Sunday movie....CLEAR HISTORY.  Larry David wrote the script and stars along with, Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, Michael Keaton and former Curb standout JB Smoove.  If the movie is half as good as previews now running, it should be a sure thing.  It will on 9-11, but repeated many times over the course of the month and will also be available ON-DEMAND.

Attention all COMCAST/XFINITY customers.  The new X1 box is now available.  Not only are you able to add any-room dvr, but this new device makes it possible to record FOUR (4) programs at the same time or record three while watching another.  This company is the subject of my rant below.  Do not call them.  They are never available.  Instead the easiest way to communicate with them is click here to contact comcast .  Log in with your email account or your Comcast account and go to support for chat.  An operator is available almost instantly and in no time you can schedule an appointment.

JIM'S RANT is directed squarely at our cable provider COMCAST/XFINITY or whatever they want to call themselves.  Ever since their call center was moved from SARASOTA to Ft. Meyers they have been impossible to reach by phone.  This is true for almost any hour of the day. When reached it could be Indianapolis, Detroit or even ASIA. Yes, I had the misfortune of reaching Asia and unwisely on my part of actually setting an appointment for the X1 box.  Unfortunately, the box was not in the market and the service call was not necessary.  For best results follow my chat advice.  Comcast is due here with box on Monday.  I'll let you know in two weeks if I was successful.

I was going to show pictures and information on our recent  trip to ATLANTA.  I'll save that for next time.  Have a great couple of weeks.  When the blog resumes we will be well into NFL
pre-season!!!  Hopefully, the ORIOLES will be closer to first place.  Thanks to Tracy for her editing expertise  and to all of you who continue to read JIM KNOWS SARASOTA....JIM......


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