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SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2013


If you enjoy watching fireworks, the area has several displays planned for the 4th.   As you head out, remember to plan for traffic, crowds, heat and bugs.  For a complete schedule of displays click here.  There are several convenient locations including downtown Sarasota, Siesta Key and Bradenton. There are plenty of convenient places to set up your chair and blanket.  If you don't want to venture out Television is next best bet.  PBS has it's annual CAPITOL FOURTH starting at  8pm,   Macy's mammoth fireworks show is broadcast on NBC also beginning at  8pm, and CBS saves the best for last with THE BOSTON POPS playing right through Boston's waterfront display.  And continuing all week is the Suncoast Super Boat Grand Prix Festival, culminating a week from today with greatly anticipated Boat Race. Formoreinformaitonclickhere .


In addition to daily games at  The In-Between Bridge Club, the InterCity Bridge Club has a weekly game and  has relocated to a new location at Temple Sinai of SARASOTA .  Although it is located on Lockwood Ridge Rd, the only way to get there is via Proctor Rd.  Lockwood Ridge dead ends before the entrance to Temple Sinai.  The game is on Tuesday's at 1, but is preceded with a short lesson given by Harriette Buckman, one of the premier bridge teachers in the area.

  Refreshments are served throughout the game, and all this for only $8;  less than the price of a movie ticket and more entertaining; especially if your result is decent.  All level of players are invited, including beginners.  There is no better way to learn bridge than to play better players.  It is humbling, but a great learning experience.  For reservations you can contact Margaret at or call 941-223-3712.

On a rainy evening, ANTOINE'S opened its doors for business.    Christian, fromerly of brasserie belge, and his staff have created a charming and intimate restaurant in an unrecognizable former Kentucky Fried Chicken location.  If you love Mussels, Steak Tartar or food with a creamy presentation, this is the place for you.  The menu is limited, but will be expanded in future weeks as the word gets out about this place.  You can see the current menu on their Facebook page while the web-site is under construction.

Debbie reveals this week...."A long time Sarasota favorite, Demitrio's Pizza, is coming north with a second  location.  They are opening soon in the space previously occupied by Friendly's that has been empty for two years.  Providing a combination of thin crust pizza along with Greek specialties Demitrio's south trail location has kept families coming back for years, including three generations of Yonkers!!"

Now playing at Burns Court...THE EAST.....a suspenseful and provocative espionage thriller from acclaimed writer-director Zal Batmanglij, it is one of the best INDEPENDENT films of the year with an A+ cast and creatively unfolding plot that keeps you riveted until the very end.  As will ALL Burns movies, I recommend use of  the free head sets offered at concession stand to totally hear the dialogue,  as acoustics in theatres leaves alot to be desired.
Not only did Nik Wallenda survive his Grand Canyon Walk last week, he helped create tremendous awareness for SARASOTA and Nathan Benderson Park.  I can smell a 2017 event.  Congratulations to a talented showman and promoter.  Wallenda will be honored with a ticker tape parade Friday preceeding the boat parade.  Starting at 7pm it starts at U.S.301 and Main and ends at Gulfstream.  Nik will also be on Discovery at 8 tonight commenting on his walk as he watches it again.

Contributor, Marcia Clark, recently helped a friend inexpensively  furnish a rental property.  After visiting several thrift and consignment shops in SARASOTA she files this report ..."Women's Resource Center on Pineapple is a popular location, but their prices are not all that great......Goodwill on 17th Street can really be a bargain if you hit it right....Fabulous Finds has a large variety and it is displayed well.  Prices are good...Change a Life in the 2000 block of Cattleman has variety and reasonable prices...Habitat for Humanity with two locations has plenty of merchandise.....Iverson's is upscale for these types of stores, but expensive as well...Simon's on Stickney Point Road had less inventory than most, but fair prices..." 

 My own experience is hit and miss.  Depending on when you visit these shops you could find a gem as we did with a mirror at Habitat.  I also love to negotiate, no price listed is the final price.  Make an have nothing to lose by doing so...."Is this your best price?"

JIM'S it just me or do I get the feeling Hollywood has written off any thoughtful adult this summer?  All we get week to week are Super-Hero's, Zombies, invasion of the White House, comedies for the uneducated, and they think we only look for movies in the fall and winter months?  Have you seen anything this summer worthy of Academy Award consideration?  And now, they are talking $50 movie experiences.....give me a break!!!

I have heard from some of you who do not always agree with me.  I appreciate the feedback and would love to include your comments in future blogs.  Please email and with your permission I will include in the blog.

So many to thank this week....Tracy for her talents as proof reader and editor, Debbie Y for her restaurant review (more next restaurants seem like a weekly occurrence) Marcia and a new contributor Debbie H.  Happy Anniversary to my daughter and son-in-law, Cathi and Scott Finkelstein! Have a great day. 

The picture below is of Manny the happy Blackhawk dog/fan.........

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