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SUNDAY, APRIL 28, 2013

Happy reading on a beautiful Sunday in SARASOTA......

This logo is for one of most exciting and talked about restaurants to open in Sarasota in several years.  Ever since LOUIES MODERN opened its doors it has been packed wall to wall inside and out, and deservedly so.  With a unique menu, a decor that would be admired in New York or any major city, and service that is SERIOUS in it's attempts to make your dining experience a memorable one it has become the "in" spot for lunch, dinner, snack or cocktail. 

As busy as they are,  reservations are honored with little or no wait.  Go this week, and see what all the talk is about.  You will not be disappointed.  There are items on the menu for all tastes...hamburger, gourmet pizza, short ribs, and scallops are just a few.  See for yourself why LOUIES has become the go to restaurant for good food and a fun evening.
And if it is too noisy for you inside, the outside dinning area is a fun place to eat as well.
JIM'S SUGGESTION.......LOUIES is on the first floor of the infamous Palm St. parking lot where hundreds park for free daily.  If  SARASOTA'S city council doesn't need the money why not designate a week each month to a  local charity to man the lot and collect whatever anyone is willing to give??? Make too much sense for these folks???

As summer looms closer, those of us in Florida who have made a second life out of retirement are enjoying every minute of it.  George Miles, Executive Assignment Editor has contributed an article from a recent WSJ...".NOT CONTENT TO SIT ON PORCH, FLORIDA RETIREES ROCK ON."  click here to read the article .  And "ROCK ON" we do at theatre, restaurants,festivals, movies, symphony and more.  For instance.....


For those of us who make SARASOTA home, FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE offers entertainment in summer as well as winter.  This year's schedule was announced last week and consists of one musical, Kander and Ebb's the world goes Round; Steve Martin's the Underpants, and South Beach Babylon by Michael McKeever.  Series tickets are on sale now.  This is the best live entertainment buy in SARASOTA.
Miri Ben-Ari
Tickets are still available for the 5/11 concert at SARASOTA Opera House Innovations series featuring Israeli  Miri Ben-Ari, Grammy award winning soloist in a narrated multimedia program exploring revolutions: political, social and creative.  Ms. Ben-Ari is well versed in jazz, R&B, hip hop and classical. The concert is 80 minutes without intermission and is presented by The Jewish Federation in celebration of Israel's 65th anniversary of Statehood.   
Jason returns this week as Feature Correspondent.  His first find is SAVOR SARASOTA RESTAURANT WEEK 6/1-14. click here for a list of participating restaurants.  The list is not final, nor are the menus on line yet, but if your favorite one is here, I suggest you make a reservation NOW, because they will sell-out quickly!  A three course meal  is $15 for lunch and $29 for dinner.  If past years are any indication, there will be some great food at these  ridiculous prices.

When moving to SARASOTA full-time in 2002, the restaurant choices were few; especially away from Main Street or Long Boat Key.  Eleven years later we have dozens of choices.  For instance....SAVORY AT NIGHT serves the best Mexican Fusion around.  A recent visit found a crowded dining room and great food....YUMMY HOUSE has been wall to wall since opening,  and the large menu of Chinese Cuisine keeps getting better with age....LUCKY PELICAN in Lakewood Ranch serves some of the best seafood in the area and they too are full most nights. 

I am finishing this week's list with an old favorite I can still remember from our first visit here in 1991, BLUE DOLPHIN CAFE serving breakfast and lunch daily.  Food and service both make the experience and WAIT worthwhile. In the coming weeks, I will reintroduce some more of my favorites.  If you have any suggestions, please email me at and I will add them to the list.  NOW is a good time to eat out; especially during the week as our busy season is over and the wait time is non-existant at most of the more popular restaurants.

JIM'S RANT this week is against all the drivers on University at 301 who forget or don't care that the third lane WEST BOUND is dedicated to the trailer park traffic; not to speed up and cut in front of the two other lanes. Granted, we do have visitors who are unaware of the lane shift, but those of you who live here or spend time here should know better!!!!...shame on you.

Thanks to Editor in Chief, Tracy who makes me look better than I am, to CIO Debbie, Chief Publicist Carole, Executive Assignment Editor George, and Feature Correspondent Jason, who this week FINALLY made his college decision, TULANE UNIVERSITY.  Congratulations!! Next week, I am going to tell you about Cori's first year adventures at University of Georgia! Have a great week......JIM


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