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SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013


If you've been shopping, eating or browsing at Cooper Creek you are familiar with the congestion most times of the day.  Now, with the addition of NORDSTROM RACK and ASHLEY FURNITURE, Benderson along with SARASOTA COUNTY are attempting to alleviate the problem.  A stop light is under construction at the corner of Cooper Creek and the entrance near PIER 1.  Have you ever tried leaving  the center during the day or at rush hour?   It requires lots of patience, which most of us have run out of quickly!!!!

Today continues the SARASOTA INVITATIONAL REGATTA at Benderson Park off University and 75.  This is the premier race kicking off the 2013 spring rowing season.  Both masters and youth level rowers from all over the Southeastern United States are participating in this event.  For the first time, the Regatta is running from the new (and still being built!) Regatta Island.   Events begin at 8:30 and conclude at 3:36.

Contributor Marcia Clark recently entertained out of town guests and asked us for a dining recommendation.  We gave her two and she went to both.  Here in her own words is how it went" CAS: A beautiful venue and very cool people.  Our friend had very good veal and his wife wasn't disappointed.  However...I had lukewarm escargot which really weren't tasty at all and fillet of sole, really a sole francais and chewy with nothing but a lemon taste.  Where is the imagination?  I did like the eggplant side and it was rather tasty but lukewarm again.

Now MOZAIC was a different story.  No pretensions.  We were seated upstairs as you suggested.  We had amuse boucher (a delicious little taste of a berry soup with an interesting spice).  I had a delicious escargot and polenta with goat cheese, and a yellow tomato soup.  All had interesting and fresh herbs and spices.  One of our guests had to eat gluten free and the waiter was very knowledgeable.  Others liked the duck and mussells.  We were happy with everything."

In closing Marcia advised "give CAS another chance.  Maybe we hit on a bad night.  Most important, my guests were happy with their meal."
Shifting gears from SARASOTA topics to a new and exciting discovery for your iPhone.  As you recall, grandsons Jason and Adam were here last week, and their adventure follows.  But while here Adam led me to SnipSnap, a wonderful iPhone APPTheir "Never leave home without a coupon again!" is the idea behind SnipSnap, the first app to scan, save and redeem printed coupons on your mobile phone.   The APP is free and available on iTunes.  Follow the instructions and start saving today.  I have already used it at CHIPOLTE, TARGET and PUBLIX.  Just search for your favorite.

                              JASON AND ADAM'S DISCOVERY OF SARASOTA
We saw and ate so much in 6 days, that I am going to condense this as best as possible.  Off the plane and on to FIVE GUYS for a greasy lunch of hamburger and fries.  If you've never been, you have to try it!!!  Not healthy, but real good.  That evening, they chowed down on pizza from EVIE'S, one of their favorite SARASOTA haunts. I wrote last week about TREE umph!!! Great for the young ones in your family.  You can find 10% discount cards all over town. 

On Thursday,  the boys played a round of miniature golf in on the trail. We ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, YUMMY HOUSE, where service and food was easily the best I've had there.  Both boys loved the dinner.  The next day we saw ORIOLE'S beat Red Sox in 10 innings, went to another favorite dinner spot, PUCCINI.  No trip to Sarasota is complete without an outing to ST. ARMAND'S CIRCLE and of course dinner at JPAN on Saturday.  To wrap things up on Sunday,  they played more mini  golf at Lakewood Ranch and enjoyed a snack of sweet potato fries at LUCKY PELICAN plus water sports at Bay Shore Park.  Our last dinner was the best....cooked by Roberta right here at home.

Now playing at Asolo Repertory Theatre, last year's TONY AWARD winner for best play, CLYBOURNE PARK.  Generating rave reviews and buzz from those who have seen it, this is easily the best play of the season.  For those of us who are here year round, there is more to come.  And this week, next season's schedule was announced and the first show beginning 11/12 and running to 12/29 is the classic SHOW BOAT, which has not been revived  on Broadway for several years.   There will be a large cast (for Asolo) of 25 along with an eight person orchestra.

Tomorrow night at sundown is the first night of PASSOVER.  PESACH in Hebrew, it is known as the "holiday of freedom" commemorating the Jewish exodus of Egypt following 210 years of slavery.  Passover is regarded as the "birth" of the Jewish nation, and its lessons of struggle and identity continue to form the basis of Jewish consciousness 3,300 years after the event.

PASSOVER is an 8 day holiday.  The name derives from the fact that during the final plague--the slaying of the first born--GOD "passed over" the Jewish homes.

Jim's Sunday rant.....continues last week's driver rant and moves to motorcycle courtesy.  Florida does not require helmets, and most cyclists don't wear them..WRONG....most cyclists go from lane to lane without signaling intention....WRONG....most cyclists drive well above the speed limit.....WRONG...several have passengers with no helmet and light clothing....not WRONG, but STUPID.  Drive a bike, but adhere to the rules of the road, and all of us will be better for it.

This week, I have a second can the Herald Tribune take credit for reporting NORDSTROM RACK, when they initially "confirmed" ASHLEY FURNITURE for the vacated Circut City space?

To my Jewish readers and friends, enjoy the "holiday of freedom."  To my non-Jewish friends, I will be visiting EASTER which is a week from today.

Thank you Tracy for once again proving your editing know how.  And thank you for those who contribute and respond.  Until next Sunday, .......JIM

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